September 01, 2010

"Death in Berlin" Awarded Fraenkel Prize in Contemporary History

Monica Black (University of Tennessee) has been awarded the Fraenkel Prize in Contemporary History (Category B) for her study Death in Berlin: From Weimar Germany to Divided Germany. Death in Berlin, based upon a doctoral dissertation that won the Friends of the German Historical Institute's 2007 Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize, was published earlier this year in the GHI's book series with Cambridge University Press. The Fraenkel Prize in Contemporary History is awarded by the Wiener Library, a leading center for research on the Nazi era and the Holocaust, for "outstanding work" in twentieth-century history. The library awards two Fraenkel Prizes annually: Category B honors first book projects. The 2010 Fraenkel Prize committee also commended Michael Meng for his study "Shattered Spaces: Encountering Jewish Spaces in Postwar Germany and Poland." Dr. Meng was a recipient of the 2009 Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize.

Death in Berlin is available from Cambridge University Press.